The Hallelu-jah god

By Dr. G. Reckart April 2006 Copyright

The Jewish/Egyptian hallelu-jah god

Yah The Moon god

The word "hallelujah" is not in the Bible

Hallelujah More Facts

One of the false gods the Jews worshipped was Yah.  This pagan idol has its roots in Babylon and in Egypt.  This is the lunar or moon god.  In Babylon the moon god is called "Ia" or Ya.  It has both a female and a male identity. In Egypt the Babylonian female "Ia or Ya" was changed into a male god and the female god was named "shua" and made the sky god. When a person then combines these forms into Iashua or Yahshua they have made the moon god the sky god.

This Babylonian/Egypt deity is also called Baal throughout the Scriptures.  The Jews did worshiped the moon god when they apostated into idolatry from the true God Ehyeh asher Ehyeh (Elohim/Adonai).  Look up the word moon in Hebrew and it is "yareah" which is the same as "Yahweh."  Modern Hebrew spells it different now to distort the real identity of their ancient Yah god.  They now spell it "yareach."  No matter, real scholars know the truth!   

The Yah moon god remains controversial.  Why?  Because scholars are fearful to say the Jewish god Yah is the same as the Babylonian god "Ia-ya" and or the Egyptian moon god Yah.  They feel this somehow may cause loss of faith in the Jews and in the true God of the Jews.  They are fearful and reluctant to make this bold connection because it brings into question the tetragrammaton god YHVH or YHWH since both incorporate the "Yah" deity into their name constructions as "Yahveh or Yahweh." The evidence however is quite strong and overwhelming that Yah is an idol god.

This moon god also has the name of Thoth.  It is because there are two names for this same idol that scholars can draw away attention that this moon god is Yah.  This is how they do it with the word Baal also.  They will not give us the real names of these Baal gods so we can observe the Jews as they moved from idol to idol and from one god to another.  There were many Jewish gods.  Here is a short list as we found them so far:

Baal=Num 22:41
Baal-peor=Num 25:3
Ashtoreth Jug 2:13; 2Ki 23:13
Molech=Jug 8:33
Baal-Berith=Jug 8:33
Milcom=1Ki 11:33
Baal-zebub=2Ki 1:2
Calves (Isis)=2Ki 16:16
Chemosh=2Ki 23:13
Jah or Yah=Psalms 68:4
Sun=shemesh=2 Ch 33:3; Ezek 8:16
Moon=yah=2 Ch 33:3; Ezek 8:16
Stars=ishtar=2 Ch 33:3; Ezek 8:16
Planets=astrology=2 Ch 33:3; Ezek 8:16
Remphan=Acts 7:41

The land was filled with these idols: Deut 29:26; 2Kings 17:12; 2Kings 23:24; 2Chron 24:18; Isa 2:6-8.

Because of this same idolatry the Jews were expelled from Israel: Ezk 6:4-9.

Because of this spiritual whoredom and adultery against God, Israel was divorced: Jer 3:8.

The Jews were counted by God as the seed of the adulterer and whore: Isa 57:3.

Because of these idols and the whoredom thereof, God chose a new bride... The Church replaced the whore wife who went after other gods: Isa 57:4-9.

The effects of worshipping these idol gods caused the Jewish people as a nation to be forever replaced by the New Testament Church. They must come into the Kingdom of the Messieh which is the true Israel now, or they cannot be saved!  They may be Jews of flesh and the Gospel preached to them first, but they will be cut off forever as long as they remain in unbelief.  While in this unbelief they have again taken up the Yah moon god of the Egyptians. This god figures in their tetragrammaton gods YHVH and YHWH each of which as said before contain the "Yah" identity!

Scholars are very good at corrupting the truth on all this including the Yah idol.  They have no other reason to fabricate their falsehoods except to keep condemnation from the Jews and from their tetragrammaton guess names. No amount of denial and no amount of perverting the facts will take away the truth. This pagan Yah idol was not the original God of the Jews.  This Yah idol is not the God of creation.  This Yah idol is not the God Abraham believed in and it was counted to him for righteousness.  This Yah idol is a Baal god and the sooner we acknowledge this the quicker the Jews can return to the true God and let him heal their sins.  So long as we participate in this massive perversion we are guilty of idolatry.  We cannot worship this Yah idol god.  We cannot place  this idol's name into our names and we dare not continue the massive fraud of translating "yh" into "yah" when it should correctly be "yeh" a contraction of "Ehyeh asher Ehyeh" as given to Moses at the burning bush.

Yah is the name of the Jewish/Egyptian moon god.  

Therefore hallelu-jah is a praise to the moon god.  Yah is the hallelu-jah god! I am 100% sure of this.

The words "hallelu-yah" and "hallelu-jah" are not in your Bible!

Jesus is the name higher then all names.  How then can "yah" be the highest name?

How then can "hallelujah or halleluyah" be the highest praise?

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