What is Yahwehism?

It is a modern cult movement based upon the erroneous pronunciation of the name of God taken from the tetragrammaton YHWH.

What is the tetragrammaton?

It is the four Aramaic letters you see in the background of this page.  These letters ARE NOT HEBREW!  They are from the Babylonian alphabet known as Aramaic.  The Jews borrowed this Babylonian/Syrian alphabet while in Babylon from 587BC to around 200BC.  It replaced the ancient Paleo-Hebrew alphabet.

Yahwehism may be found among trinitarians, twinitarians, and oneness.  They all have in common the belief that the name Jesus is derived from the name of the pagan Greek god Zeus.  In recanting and denying the name of Jesus, these substitute the name Yahweh.  Some will say the name Yahweh is the name of God the Father and Yahshua is the name of God the Son.  Some will say there is no salvation in the name of Jesus or Yahshua, and only in the name Yahweh.

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Modern Yahweh dances proven to be ancient devil-snake dance:

set up snake dancing disguised as worship to God,  

the dance;

the dance witchcraft style;

the dance Jewish Sephardic style;

Greek circle snake dance

the dance Yahweh messianic style;

You can now dance with the devil in many Yahweh worship groups. This is nothing but ancient Baal worship revived through trinitarian Messianic synagouges.  Just because reprobate Jews do the dance does not make it holy and of God.  These pagan circle dances are no where found in the Bible.  They certainly are not found in the New Testament.  Jesus and his Apostles did not do circle dances.  The early Church did not do circle dances.  I warn all of you, do not partake in these demonic circle dances I do not care who puts them on or what meeting or church they are done at.  I tell all of you again, get out of those Yahweh groups and repent of the lies they have fed you. Give up the hatred they have put in you against the name of Jesus.  I have warned all of you these past 14 years since November 1994. I warn you again, if you allow the Yahwehites to deceive you with their lies, they will get you to accept devil circle dances.  If you do these dances, you will experience more and more demons in your life.  Do not do it!

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